Several areas in Johannesburg without water on Saturday

Several areas in Johannesburg will be without water or will have low pressure from this afternoon for at least 30 hours. This as Rand Water replaces faulty valves to a cross-connection pipeline. The shutdown is expected to get underway at 1pm. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Several areas around Johannesburg will be without water or will have low pressure from Saturday afternoon for at least 30 hours.

Rand Water will be replacing faulty valves to cross-connection pipelines.

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The Water and Sanitation Department's Sputnik Ratau explained the need for the water cuts on Saturday.

"Unless we maintain our infrastructure, we will really run into serious problems in later years and that is why it is imperative that from time to time all infrastructure needs to be looked at and maintained and to ensure that it operates optimally."

"If you remember about a year or so ago, we had to shut down part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project Pipeline simple because it was time for us to do maintenance work and that is a need that had to happen."

"We have timelines, and we appreciate the fact that some municipalities take the effort to look after the infrastructure that is in their hands, and this is something that we would encourage all municipalities especially to look towards as we go ahead because ailing infrastructure, aging infrastructure, really impacts on availability of services."

"It has to happen, it's something that has got to happen because unless it happens, the impact later, the inconvenience of 24 hours/30 hours, or two days, is not much when you compare it to the fact that if that infrastructure fails or for instance the pipeline that Rand Water is replacing - if that pipeline fails, the impact would be over a much longer period and the discomfort would be even bigger. So it is better to take from time to time a bitter pill so that we can have a better life in the long run," Sputnik said. 


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