Shot Taxify driver claims he’s been framed by police 

He was shot five times and then charged with attempted murder. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN - A Taxify driver claims he’s been framed by police after he was shot five times but then charged with attempted murder.

Nkanyiso Ngcobo had been dropping off a passenger in Umlazi last month.

Ngcobo doesn’t remember much about the night of the 26th of September.

But he says he won’t forget the deafening gunfire.

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“I tried jumping off but I was shot already. This is what I remember. And after that, I wake up in hospital because they didn’t notice, they didn’t do anything, they just shot us.”

He’s talking about the police, who according to case details, were pursuing a hijacked car.

But the vehicle Ngcobo was driving is legally registered to his brother.

Ngcobo’s passenger was also shot and remains in a critical condition.

When the driver woke up in hospital, he was told he was being charged with attempted murder for opening fire on police.

Ngcobo, released on a warning until his next court appearance, insists he’s being framed.

“When they realised that they made a mistake they think no this is going to put them in trouble. That is why they’ve done this. They said they found a gun in my car, I was shooting at them. And if you look at the car, the window is not broken. I don’t know how I was going to shoot them because I closed my window.”

Attorney Chris Gounden says it’s telling that his client wasn't charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm.

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“There’s only a mention that a firearm was found but there’s no exhibit bag to say it was inserted in the exhibit bag, there’s no SAP 13 register to say that it was indeed recovered and it was entered into the exhibit register. At this stage, that firearm is nonexistent.”

Ngcobo feels he was lucky to survive five gunshots but he’s worried about this since he isn’t able to work.

Gounden says they’ll be opening a case of attempted murder and taking legal action against the SAPS.

“If these persons who were shot did not survive, nobody would have known the true story. It would have just been swept under the rug that these guys tried to shoot at the police ... And it’s sad what is really happening with these guys because it can happen to anybody.”

The SAPS says it can’t comment since the case is before the court.