Soldiers deployed to Cape Town accused of assault

SANDF members deployed to Cape Town to help deal with gang violence are being accused of assault. Courtesy #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - They are meant to protect vulnerable people in gang-infested areas on the Cape Flats.

But is the South African National Defence Force involved in violence itself?

Winner of SA’s Got Talent 2010 James Bhemgee and Marshelino Rossouw are accusing the army of assaulting them in separate incidents.

Bhemgee claims he was tortured.

“They just came in and told everyone to hands up, while you lifting your hands up and they just smack you and hit you,” Bhemgee said.

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Rossouw is claiming he was manhandled after the SANDF mistook him for someone else.

“They didn’t even ask me any questions, they just started beating me, me and my friend. They had a gun to my head. I was unarmed. They took my license and never gave it back,” Rossouw said.

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The SANDF says members who are found guilty will face consequences.

“We got our own systems which we lead our military court, which if he is found guilty he can face a sentence or be dismissed by the South African Defence Force,” said SANDF spokesperson Mafi Mgobozi.

Police say an investigation is ongoing.


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