Sona Khoisan praise singer criticised

The Khoisan praise singer, Bradley Van Sitters has been accused of speakling utter gibberish in Parliament last night. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Khoisan praise singer, Bradley van Sitters has been accused of speaking utter gibberish during State of the Address in Parliament on Thursday night.

Some social media critics say Van Sitters should have had a translator.

Annette Vorster from the Khoisan Royal Council says that van Sitters was speaking the Nama language, which is spoken by people from the Namaqualand, Northern Cape and Namibia.

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Vorster has suggested that there should have been a translator to translate words that Van Sitters was speaking.

“It is an honour for us to have a someone in parliament to say our praises but then we need to have a translator so that all of us can understand the praises he saying,” Vorster said.

Vorster further stated that Khoisan languages have been abandoned and neglected in South Africa.


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