South Africans living in China afraid to return home

JOHANNESBURG - South Africans living in China say they're afraid to return home after reading threatening messages on social media.

Locals have taken to social media, slamming expats who planned to return home.

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Nadia Meintjies said she is in contact with South Africans who are still quarantined in Wuhan.

"These are really trying times for people. Most of these people have been in their own apartments for 40 days now without seeing anyone," said Meintjies.

Meintjies said the negative social media posts have hit them hard.

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"It's very shocking what has been said on social media. I don't think it comes from a bad place.  think it's more out of fear

"I think people should take what they read on social media with a grain for salt."

She said it's shocking to see some messages

"I don't think people realise that none of these people want to bring the virus to South Africa."


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