State capture: Banks 'captured' SAA

The state capture inquiry’s heard a great deal about banker Masocha Mngadi and Dudu Myeni. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Dudu Myeni is planning to cross-examine two witnesses at the State Capture Inquiry.

This week, her lawyers wrote to the commission.

They’ve announced the former SAA chair's intention but the application hasn't been filed.

Once it is, and if the plea is granted, Myeni herself will be eligible for cross-examination.

WATCH: Myeni promises revelations at state capture inquiry

On Friday, the inquiry heard a great deal about banker, Masocha Mngadi and Dudu Myeni.

BnP Capital director, Daniel Mahlangu detailed his dealing with Mngadi.

Mahlangu concluded his evidence by speaking out.

“The big banks themselves had basically captured SAA … for people in public sectors to actually in a way crowd out the black firms like us, it’s worrisome.”

Watch the full report by eNCA's Erin Bates