State Capture | I received a lot of threats - Athol Williams

JOHANNESBURG - Former Bain SA partner, Athol Williams, says he received lots of threats before testifying at the State Capture Inquiry this week.

Williams told the commission that Bain held several meetings with former president Jacob Zuma.

WATCH: Bain SA partner continues state capture inquiry testimony

Bain is a US-based management consultancy that was appointed by former Sars commissioner, Tom Moyane.

"Clear threats that said if you speak, you are breaching confidentiality agreement we will take that seriously. I received no physical threats, but just the logic, to me said, if parties are will go to such extreme efforts to silence me, where might that end. My wife and I holed up in our flat in Cape Town for some months. We never left, out of fear that someone will want to silence me, physically as well."

Williams spoke to eNCA on Saturday.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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