Kodwa: ANC step-aside policy clear

eNCA's Michael Appel spoke with ANC NEC member Zizi Kodwa. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - ANC members criminally charged must step aside at the end of the 30-day deadline.

ANC NEC member Zizi Kodwa says those facing allegations of wrongdoing must go before the party's Integrity Commission.

He said it's two separate processes though.

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"I think what we did as the ANC, just before the 2017 conference, we realised that there was grande corruption in the country and therefore it was important that we must have a collaborative effort.

"All this must be exposed, whether it will have a negative impact in the ANC but throughout, at the end of this the ANC will be strong.

"We knew that because the ANC has leaders at different levels of state power, many of its leaders will be implicated. Many of its leaders are now being charged, some because of ANC processes are now being given a process in the ANC if there are allegations against them, they must go through a process in the ANC to give what is called an 'acceptable explanation'," Kodwa said.

 "I did exactly that. To give an acceptable explanation which was accepted and I think its important to at least appreciate the situation both in the party and in the state.

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"In the past, we might have seen as defending corruption. We might have been seen defending individuals who are allegedly corrupt. I think in 2017, we said: take the ANC out of corrupt individuals. We must disassociate ourselves from individuals who are seen to be corrupt.

"This is why we have made certain pronouncements, about individuals who are criminally charged that those that are criminally charged must step aside," he said.

"The widened [interpretation of the step-aside rule] is not a confusion it's also part of the conference resolutions. The first category is that those who have been criminally charged must step aside, it's those who are before court, who have charges against them. There are those who are alleged, who have allegations, those are also in the process in the second category. They must go before the integrity commission to give an acceptable explanation. So the letter of the SG, doesn't create any confusion but there are two processes, it's not one process.

"The first process of 30 days, strictly talks to people who are criminally charged before the court."


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