Still no change at Prasa despite Ramaphosa's assurance

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s order for swift action in the country’s passenger rail system, seems to be going off track.

JOHANNESBURG - President Cyril Ramaphosa's order for swift action in the country's passenger rail system seems to be going off track.

Ramaphosa promised that heads will roll if the crisis isn't fixed.

Last month, he faced what tens of thousands of South Africans do on a daily basis.

WATCH: Ramaphosa stuck on a Metrorail train

The president and his entourage were stuck on a train for hours while on an election campaign in Pretoria.

Ramaphosa reassured commuters that train delays will be dealt with at the highest level.

But despite this, nothing has come from Prasa or the Transport Ministry.

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Train rides are plagued by overcrowding and a lack of security.

Transport officials remain tight-lipped around the issue.


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