Mabuza: Corruption can't reign supreme

Deputy President, David Mabuza will answer questions in the National Assembly on Thursday. It will be his second question and answer session with MPs this year after his appearance last month.

CAPE TOWN - Deputy President David Mabuza responded to oral questions in Parliament on Thursday.

The deputy president battled through technical difficulties to expand on issues ranging from rooting out corruption to unemployment and economic recovery.

Mabuza said the government is encouraged by the continued decline of COVID-19 infections and the recovery rate and the resilience and continued practice by citizens to wash hands, sanitize, use masks and social distancing

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The deputy president mentioned measures taken by the government to enhance social cohesion, including the establishment of the solidarity fund and strengthened social security measures.

He spoke in support of the current management of Eskom and said while the fleet of coal-fired power stations are unpredictable and ageing, there is a maintenance plan in place to avoid unexpected power interruptions.

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Mabuza spent time addressing corruption, saying:

"Our ethics and morals have been tested during the pandemic but the moral regeneration programme must continue. Where breaches have been committed, those involved must be held accountable."

He said the government will continue to enhance internal controls to ensure open, transparent, and accountable procurement systems.

The deputy president also called on citizens to assist President Cyril Ramaphosa in his efforts dealing with corruption in society.

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Mabuza said the SIU is currently investigating contracts alleged to have been improperly awarded to various companies nationally, provincially and in municipalities in the procurement of PPE.

The contracts are said to amount to approximately R5-billion.

The deputy president also applauded the recent arrests made by law enforcement in COVID-19 related fraud and corruption.

Mabuza highlighted the need to strengthen cooperation with international partners to reignite investment in the economy.

He said the president's economic recovery plan will allow the government to respond to the superficial racial and class divisions by dealing with unemployment and inequality.