Sylvester the lion now a father

JOHANNESBURG – Sylvester, the most loved lion in South Africa, is now a proud father.

Sylvester and his lioness mate Angel are officially parents of two lion cubs.

According to the Kuzuko Lodge, the courtship happened during the first week of March this year.

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Sylvester rose to fame after he escaped twice from his Karoo game reserve.

“We have two lionesses in the reserve with whom the two male lions have established a close bond,” said Gerhard de Lange, Reserve General Manager at Kuzuko Lodge. 

“Although both lionesses were on contraception we started to suspect that Sylvester’s lioness, Angel, had given birth between 15 – 20 June of this year.

“Angel showed all the signs of having cubs suckling her, but as lionesses keep their babies ‘hidden’ for quite a period while they are very young – we hadn’t been able to spot them. On Monday, 10 September our suspicions were confirmed, as Angel and her two little cubs started moving around together and we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of them.”

According to De Lange, the cubs are approximately 12 weeks old and in good health.