Taxis not to blame for most road deaths: Gauteng Transport MEC

JOHANNESBURG - The Gauteng government is looking for extraordinary measures to reduce road deaths by hosting a two-day road safety seminar.

Stakeholders in the sector, including the taxi industry, will participate.

Advanced driver training for taxi drivers is one of the ways the government hopes to end road deaths.

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Gauteng Transport MEC Jacob Mambolo spoke on the impression that taxis are frequently involved in fatal road incidents.

"Surprisingly, it [research] indicates causes and contributions to overall fatalities on the road.

"The taxi industry is not one of the big culprits, but perceptions are very strong on that issue."

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According to Arrive Alive, of the 36 lives lost daily on South African roads, three are killed in taxi-related incidents.

Mambolo explained the action to be taken.

"We will be signing a memorandum of understanding with the taxi industry, GTNA and Santaco so that they can continue to improve on their already existing road safety campaigns."

Taxis provide public transportation for 70 percent of commuters.


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