Gauteng a magnet for foreign thugs?

What makes South Africa attractive to foreign criminals? Are Eastern European gangs exporting their turf wars to this country? Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A criminal underworld of dangerous gangsters of mostly East-European origin has left a chilling blood trail in Gauteng.

Over the past few years, 14 murders have been linked to an ongoing mafia gang war.

Forensic investigators say the list includes attorneys, debt collectors and drug traffickers from various European and African countries.

In Johannesburg alone, there have been two separate hits in the past two weeks which includes dramatic CCTV footage of a hit in Bryanston last week.

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The victim was 59-year-old Ivan Djordjevic who was shot several times.

Just two years ago he survived a similar shooting.

Days earlier, another Serbian, Jugoslav Smiljkic, was gunned down in broad daylight in Roodepoort.

From the likes of Radovan Krejcir to lesser-known thugs, South Africa appears to have become a magnet for foreign criminals.