Top 10 quotes from Maimane's resignation speech

Maimane claims he's suffered a series of personal attacks, designed to ruin his reputation. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Mmusi Maimane has resigned as leader of the Democratic Alliance, citing internal conflict and his family's safety.

Maimane hasn't resigned from the party itself and says he will continue campaigning for it.

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He claims he's suffered a series of personal attacks, designed to ruin his reputation.

Maimane was at the helm for just over four-years.

Here are the top 10 quotes from Maimane's resignation speech;


"I am not a career politician, and I have never sought to be."


"I fundamentally believed that if the DA was to become a party of government, it needed to look and feel like a party for all, not some. It needed to belong to all South Africans."


"If the DA was to challenge for power, it needed to continue to grow outside the Western Cape and establish a political, organisational and administrative footprint in the country’s economic hub."


"In internal elections and our list process, I advocated for more black South Africans, more women, and for greater language and cultural diversity. This was not picking one race or gender over another. Rather, it was aiding the journey towards a truly diverse party."


 "Make no mistake, along the journey there have been many difficulties. I fought battles with Helen Zille, especially regarding her comments – and the impact of her comments – as it pertained to colonialism."


"Over the past months, it has become quite clear to me that there exists a grouping within the DA who do not see eye to eye with me, and do not share this vision for the party and the direction it was taking."


"There has been for several months a consistent and coordinated attempt to undermine my leadership and ensure that either this project failed, or I failed."


"I will continue in the role as parliamentary leader until the end of the year, after which the party will go to Congress to elect new leadership."


"I wish the DA all the success in the future under the guidance of Helen Zille as the new Federal Council Chairperson."


 "The pursuit of building One South Africa for All is much bigger than any individual or political party."


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