Ten quotes from Malema ahead of elective conference

EFF leader Julius Malema (C), national chair Dali Mpofu (L), secretary-general, Godrich Gardee (R) at the party's conference in Johannesburg.

File: Julius Malema and several other EFF MPs objected to the presence of the former president on the basis of a recent interview he held where they said statements he made revealed him as an apartheid apologist.


JOHANNESBURG - The Economic Freedom Fighters will hold its elective conference in December.

The party held a media briefing on Thursday to address its preparations.

Here are top ten quotes from EFF leader Julius Malema.

- On Attacks -

I am under permanent investigation, the state is always bringing up a case against me. The NPA can do what they want to do, I cannot stop them.

We are under attack as the leadership of the EFF because we are the only party that takes on White Monopoly Capitalists and its representatives.

- On the DA coalition -

Everybody is fielding their candidate, we are not talking to anyone. We supported the DA when they field their candidate, why not ask the DA “are you going to support the EFF?”. Why is the question who is the EFF going to support? Are we not capable to lead?

To expect us to be a reliable voting partners of a white DA? Before it was easier when there was Maimane but now we must talk to Helen and Steenhuisen? I cannot imagine that, it's going to be difficult.


We are now going to govern. You support us in Jhb/Tshwane and we will support you in Jhb/Tshwane. We are not going to enter into any coalitions, there will be no interference. We will remain opposition.

- On State-Owned Enterprises -

We must employ the best of the best to lead State-Owned Companies. There is a guy who leads Telkom, Sipho Maseko. I do not understand why when we are getting into trouble with Eskom we don't call a guy like Sipho to help rescue Eskom or SAA?

We had a good guy in SAA, the guy who was going to rescue SAA. Vuyani made it very clear that if Pravin comes back, he is leaving because he is not given an opportunity to do what he wants to do.

The 4IR is a good input; we will deal with this as part of the discussions. How can we make sure that our media is compliant with the 4IR? All members of society are welcome to make an input.​


- On the EFF conference -


I will always be in politics, I will die in politics. If you are removed from a position, you are not expelled, you are removed. Even if I am removed in December, I will remain a member of parliament.

People must contest within the guidelines of the EFF but once you use money, it means you want to buy the EFF.

The conference will decided whether there is a need for a political school but I don’t see the need for more structures, but will argue that point at the conference. If we introduce more structures, we are creating bureaucracy.

The EFF is holding a media briefing ahead of its December conference. There's much to talk about - with rumours of leadership battles and some senior leaders reportedly facing the chop.