Tshwane denies water crisis despite residents' outcry

JOHANNESBURG - The City of Tshwane says there’s no water crisis in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria.

This despite an outcry by residents, who are complaining about the quality of the drinking water.

They're supported by the Human Rights Commission, which says it's not fit for human consumption.

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The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) had tested the water and found it wasn't suitable to drink.

Another test conducted later by the City itself cleared it for consumption.

Tshwane's MMC for Utility Services, Abel Tau says they are hard at work and he would be the first to say something is wrong.

“We accept the CSIR report and we acceded to increase portable water in terms of water trucks and find an alternative way to supply clean water, we will continue to invest well and we need to work together.”

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While he admits there are some problems, he's downplaying claims of a crisis.

“We don’t have a crisis, we have a problem we have moved from a crisis situation to where we still have problems and we are resolving that.”

A year ago, residents approached the Human Rights Commission over this matter. It stands by the CSIR's tests.

These found the water contained a lot of nitrates, which could stunt babies' growth and affect people’s health. 

Residents are still looking for a solution as the municipality says it’s fixing infrastructure in the area and a new purification plant is being constructed.