Tshwane taxi drivers march against xenophobia

Taxi drivers in the Pretoria CBD have been driving through the city in a peaceful protest against the killing of women and recent attacks on African migrants. Taxi operators previously brought the capital to a standstill after one of the colleagues was killed, allegedly by foreigners who were peddling drugs. Today's motorcade caused major traffic disruptions earlier. Courtesy #DSvv403

JOHANNESBURG - Traffic was brought to a standstill in Pretoria on Tuesday as a motorcade of about 50 taxis made its way through the CBD.

Taxi associations in the capital were protesting against xenophobia, drugs, and abuse of women and children.

They say violence against women and children, as well as attacks on foreign nationals must stop.

They, however, insist that they won't tolerate any more drug trafficking in the capital.

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Last month, violent protests broke out after a taxi driver was shot dead, apparently after he confronted a druglord.

A strong police presence followed the taxi drivers, as they disrupted traffic.

Despite it being a peaceful protest, foreign nationals closed their shops before the drivers arrived.

But, some of the migrants did take the time to shake hands with the taxi drivers, in a show of solidarity.