Uber Eats drivers demand increases

Uber Eats drivers will embark on a nationwide strike, demanding their fees be increased. Pickets are expected outside food outlets as well as at Uber's Sandton offices. Duane Bernard from the Uber Driver Partners Association spoke to Nandi Tshabalala. Courtesy #DStv403


JOHANNESBURG - Uber Eats drivers are planning a nationwide strike on Friday to demand an increase in their fees.

The drivers are demanding a pick-up fee of R20 and then R6 per kilometre after the first two kilometres. They currently get a pick-up fee of R10.

The Uber Driver Partner Association's Duane Bernard said, "they have capped restaurant fees at R9 per meal and they've shifted that discount that they've given the restaurants onto drivers.

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"They told drivers they are lowering fees so they can get more orders."

Bernard said the delivery partners' earnings have been slashed in half.

"Uber Eats responded [Tuesday] via our drivers' apps and they are bringing back two of the options that we've asked for.

"They also put on their website that they're reopening their offices -- the greenlight hubs -- in June, which is good," Bernard said.

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"We've been dealing with support via email and over the phone only which hasn't been good for any of the drivers. It takes forever to get feedback.

"So they've answered on those things, but they're just not answering us on our rates.

"We want our rates back to what they used to be."

Protesters will be picketing outside Uber's Sandton offices on Friday.


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