Holomisa cross-examination: PIC Inquiry gets ugly

The UDM leader was cross-examined by Lebashe Investment Group at the PIC inquiry.

JOHANNESBURG - Bantu Holomisa says he can't be cross-examined on evidence he's not seen.

The UDM leader was being cross-examined by Lebashe Investment Group at the PIC Inquiry.

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Lebashe Investment Group says Holomisa can't be given special treatment to access documents. 

Holomisa says the PIC investment in Lebashe was dodgy.

His lawyer Tembeka Ngcukaitobi said "Holomisa is being put in an incredibly disadvantageous position because he is obviously unable to answer the questions, asked in a vacuum, without the documents.

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"He (Holomisa) has specifically said he needs the documents, not only to empower himself but also to empower the work of the commission and enrich the work of the commission.

"What Hareef is trying to get this commission to accept an ambush that the witness must be cross-examined completely blank and they are entitled to put a version without necessarily putting documents in front of the commission."