Umalusi gears up for year-end matric exams

JOHANNESBURG - Umalusi says it has strengthened its systems to minimise the risk of irregularities during the senior certificate exams.

From Monday, more than 600, 000 matric pupils will sit for the final exams and also be more than 167, 000 part time candidates writing the finals.

The quality assurance body says it is ready to administer and manage the process.

"I can report to you that our system is ready to administer the 2018 final examinations and like I said we will conduct the examination to run smoothly," said Umalusi CEO Dr. Mafu Ramoketsi.

The first paper, Computer Application Technology, will be written on Monday.

Umalusi insists it's beefed up its security measures to also deal with incidents of cheating.

"We minimize irregularities with, develop mechanisms to deal with group copying and where papers leak,” Ramoketsi said.

“We have a new approach just in time close to when the paper will be written so that it’s not tempting to people who may want to steal them."

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Another intervention is a pledge to be recited by matric pupils that they won’t take part in any irregularities.

"It is the question of concertizing them they need to know and have a ceremony to remember that what we committed," said Ramoketsi.

Protests are a daily reality in many communities around South Africa and the quality assurance body is appealing to communities to refrain from using examinations and schools as bargaining tools for their political ends.

"It is a shame that the very thing that liberate our children is used for political expediency and in the same vein I appeal our communities not to burn schools to get the authorities attention,” Ramoketsi said.

Umalusi said about 12 new subjects will be written for the first time this year, including Sign Language.


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