Umlazi community drowning in garbage waste

Durban University of Technology students is planning to protest. This after charges were withdrawn against a private security guard, alleged to have killed a student. #DStv403

DURBAN - KwaZulu-Natal's biggest township is drowning in rubbish and disgruntled Umlazi residents are fed up.

Umlazi's streets are filthy and stinking, and this has been going on for years.

“The Municipality must think about us regarding this uncollected refuse all over our streets. Everything is a mess, we don’t know what to do anymore", said Jabu Ndlovu, a resident.

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The badly-run municipality outsources refuse collection, but that service is also in chaos.

Others are accusing the municipality of racism.

“Black people’s area is always behind but areas for white people are always clean and get better services. But here in Umlazi, it’s shocking, you can’t even take a selfie here."

“Why is it that such a bad thing, which causes diseases and germs is left like this? Is it because we are not important?", said Wonderboy Ntuli, a resident.

Business owners say their trade is being affected and the township economy is taking a knock.

“We work with and rely on tourists. When they come here they complain that Durban is filthy no refuse collection. It’s a big concern which is disturbing everything and will make uMlazi not look like a clean area, said Jabulani Zama, the Eyadini lounge owner.

The eThekwini Municipality doesn't have any answers.

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“There is quite a history on this thing and part of it is actually in court and it becomes a bit difficult sometimes to comment about some other factors here, said Sipho Nzuza, the eThekwini city manager.

But Nzuza concedes Umlazi residents deserve better.

“I must say, it’s a place where I was born. It doesn’t deserve what there are having", he said.


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