UPDATE: Eskom moves to stage 3 load-shedding

Johannesburg at night during load-shedding.

File: The power utility is implementing stage 3 load-shedding until 11 o'clock this Friday evening.


JOHANNESBURG - Eskom has announced that it will implement stage 3 load-shedding form 9am on Saturday.

The power utility says stage 3 load-shedding is expected to last until 5am on Monday.

Eskom says this is due to the shortage of capacity and to replenish emergency reserves.

LOAD-SHEDDING: Schedules, info, and how it affects you

On Friday, Eskom implemented stage 2 load-shedding.

This they said was due to the loss of an additional four units.

The power utility has called for everyone to use electricity sparingly and to switch off their geysers during peak hours.