UPDATE: Sentencing proceedings for Parktown coach postponed

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JOHANNESBURG - Sentencing proceedings of former Parktown Boys High School assistant water polo coach Collan Rex was postponed.

The matter was postponed to 27 November.


This comes after Rex was found guilty of 144 counts of sexual assault and 12 of common assault against 12 schoolboys.

He pleaded guilty to these charges.

Rex also faces charges of attempted murder, rape, sexual grooming and exposing minors to pornography.

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During his trial, Rex admitted to acts of grabbing and squeezing boys’ genitals as well as rubbing his penis against several boys while they were fully clothed.

The passing of sentence was postponed in September as victim impact statements conducted by social workers had not been completed.

Bikers Against Bullies South Africa has invited the public to join them on a mass ride to show support for the Parktown Boys’ victims.

A former school water polo coach has pleaded guilty to 144 charges, including rape, sexual assault, attempted murder, showing pornography to minors and sexual grooming.