VBS saga: EFF backs Shivambu

JOHANNESBURG - Bring us the proof or stop tarnishing the EFF's image and that of its deputy president.

So says Julius Malema, who's unequivocal that the party stands behind Floyd Shivambu.

Shivambu's younger brother Brian was named in the VBS forensic report as having received over R16-million in gratuitous payments.

Subsequent media reports allege Brian paid R10-million of that money to his older brother, while over a million reportedly went to the EFF.

Floyd is calling on journalists and media houses who can refute his denial to bring forward the evidence.

"Be a patriot in South Africa and go to a police station and say: Here is evidence that Floyd Shivambu received R10-million from VBS," he said.

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"There will never be any such."

Malema is adamant that he's willing to act against his deputy if anyone can produce a shred of evidence.

"In the absence of such, there is nothing we can do. Let there be prima facie evidence," he said.

"There is nothing tangible. There is nothing I can touch."

Shivambu says he has no active directorship in any company.

He says he cancelled them all when he took up his position as a Member of Parliament.