VIDEO: Jessie Duarte verbally attacks eNCA journalist

The ANC's Jessie Duarte lashed out at eNCA political reporter Samkele Maseko for asking a question that she was not happy with. 

JOHANNESBURG - ANC Deputy General Secretary Jessie Duarte verbally attacked eNCA political reporter Samekele Maseko for asking a question she wasn't happy with at a press conference on Tuesday. 

Duarte was briefing the media following the party's National Working Committee meeting on Monday.

During the question and answer session, Maseko asked a question about the ANC's election lists which has been a bone of contention for the ruling party. 

Duarte responded by telling Maseko that if he had any "attack question", he should refer them to the ANC's spokesman. 

"Now Mr Samkelo [sic] you have a habit of intimidating everybody. You have a habit of making people feel like you are the Lord of the media.

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She went on to refer to Maseko as a bully. 

"You are the worst bully I have come across. I've never met anyone as arrogantly disposed [sic] as you are.

"And you want to defend freedom of speech [which] you never fought for," she said.

"So what do you want us to do? Bow and scrape every time you walk into a room and call you My Lord?"