VIDEO: Mabuza says Mboweni comments taken out of context

Deputy President David Mabuza says his words about Finance Minister Tito Mboweni were taken out of context. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Deputy President David Mabuza says his words about Finance Minister Tito Mboweni were taken out of context.

During a question and answer session in Parliament, Mabuza said he didn't take the minister seriously when he tweeted about state-owned entities.

On the campaign trail In Benoni on Thursday, Mabuza backtracked and said South Africans took this the wrong way when they thought he was being dismissive of Mboweni.

WATCH: I don't take Mboweni serious: Mabuza

“I think people are taking my response out of context, the point that I was driving home is that it would be very difficult for me to follow the social media, people tweeting and responding to issues, I should not disregard those issues as people are discussing in the social media and elevate them and make them very important,” Mabuza said.

“I know very well that the Minister of Finance [Tito Mboweni] is a very reputable Minister, very well groomed up cadre of the ANC, I trust that he has not taken that comment like the DA in a very bad light but we have spoken, so I think me and the Minister we are fine. I've got confidence in the Minister of Finance,” he added.