Violence raging across Gauteng CBDs

Chaos has erupted across Johannesburg and Tshwane in the past hour. eNCA reporters Masego Rahlaga is in the Johannesburg CBD, Aviwe Mtila is in the Pretoria CBD and Tshegohaco Moagi is in Turffontein. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Chaos erupted across Johannesburg and Tshwane on Monday.

In the Johannesburg CBD, a man was reportedly shot and left in the street while seriously injured.

Police officers arrived and dispersed the crowds using rubber bullets.

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Four people have been arrested for looting and public violence.

A fire in the CBD over the weekend led to the deaths of three people and has been mentioned by some as the reason for the unrest but the motivation for the chaos is still unknown.

Witnesses have said there is ongoing violence in Jeppestown and Hillbrow.

In Tshwane, there has been violence directed against foreign nationals.

Police have arrested one person and said the chaos is fueled by criminals.

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In Turffontein, police had to call for additional assistance after a number of stores were looted. 

Police officers have arrested over 20 people for public violence.

Some areas remain under heavy police presence and surveillance.


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