Vote counting slower compared to previous election: IEC

eNCA's Annika Larsen spoke to IEC commissioner, Janet Love.

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PRETORIA - There's still a quarter of votes that need to be counted before the final results can be released.

The IEC admits vote counting has a been slower than in 2014.

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IEC commissioner Janet Love said it is a little bit slower in some areas because there is a process of careful capturing and auditing.

Love said the IEC will not declare the final results until the sample audit has been presented to the parties.

By 8.42am, more than 76 percent of the voting districts have declared their results.

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The DA James Selfe said the chief electoral officer will be briefing the multi-party liaison committee at 11am.

"I understand the audit is going to be performed by the Statistician-General and we will hear the details of exactly how he proposed to go about that."

Vote counting is going well in one of the most hotly-contested democratic elections.


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