UDM calls for fair election

The UDM is calling for a free and fair election on Wednesday.

JOHANNESBURG - UDM leader Bantu Holomisa says it’s now up to the voters to make a change or maintain the status quo.

Holomisa was addressing supporters in Khutsong on the West Rand where he lamented on rampant corruption in South Africa.

He promises change, but in 2014 the party only managed one percent of the national vote.

On the charm offensive to entice voters, Holomisa shot from the hip, saying corruption is extremely endemic in South Africa and voters have their work cut out.

“They will be cognisant of faltering economy that has produced jobless growth and it’s been compounded by corruption and maladministration over the past ten years," he said.

"It’s up to the voters to assess the status quo and decided what kind of leadership they want.”

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The party has been a key partner in the coalition government in areas like Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg.

But its stronghold is in the Eastern Cape where it’s the third largest party.

Holomisa is tight-lipped about any coalitions.

“The issue of coalition government will only be determined after the election and unfortunately I am not going to abrogate that power to myself,” he said.

Holomisa said all parties will be watching the Independent Electoral Commission like hawks to ensure it runs a free, credible and fair election.