WATCH | Can your employer force you to mask up?


JOHANNESBURG - You are probably breathing a sigh of relief now that mask mandates have been scrapped.

But can your employer still force you to wear a mask in the workplace?

The government has done away with the remaining COVID-19 regulations.


WATCH | COVID-19 in SA | Phaahla: Feel free to still wear your mask

The rules on wearing masks indoors and limiting public events and gatherings have all been repealed.

Health Minister Joe Phaahla says just because mask-wearing is no longer compulsory, those who feel they still need to wear one are encouraged to do so.

The minister says it's essential for those with comorbidities to be careful.

Schools, retirement homes and businesses can still insist on mask-wearing.

eNCA speaks to an employment lawyer, Sherisa Rajah Baird in the video above.



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