WATCH: Cannabis starter packs fly off the shelves

One nursery in Cape Town says interest in its new cannabis starter pack, is at an all-time high. A first on the local market Starke Ayres launched the garden set for the novice marijuana grower. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A nursery in Cape Town has capitalised on the landmark ruling by the Constitutional Court last year permitting marijuana at home by marketing a cannabis starter pack.

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A first on the local market, Starke Ayres launched the garden set for the novice marijuana grower.

Some Cape Town nurseries have reported an increase in cultivation tools for the plant.

One nursery in Cape Town's southern suburbs says its struggling to stay ahead of the demand for its flagship soil mixes and cannabis growing kits.

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Included in the how-to-guide garden set is a variety of soil mixes, microbial feed and biodegradable pots for optimum growth.

Packages are sold without seeds because selling seeds is against the law.

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Staff said talking about dagga is longer taboo.

Long-standing activist campaigning for the legalization of cannabis, Garreth Prince, said he's not surprised.

“Cannabis is not just medicinal, primarily it is economic. If we're talking about a green economy, this is SA's most valuable resource. We have tons of and the environment to grow it.”

Stark Ayres said since the kits hit their shelves a week ago they've been inundated with delivery requests from some larger retailers in other parts of the country.


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