WATCH: DA is in crisis, says Mgitywa

The 2019 election has wrapped up and parties have been allocated their seats in Parliament. Parties like the ANC and the DA have seen a decline in support. While the EFF and Freedom Front Plus have seen growth. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Public Relations Strategist, Makhosini Mgitywa says the DA is in crisis.

He says getting rid of Mmusi Maimane, would be a grave mistake.

“The Democratic Alliance has a serious problem, it may very well be an existential crisis. We have a strand of people who think it's ok to minimise the legacy and effects of apartheid and when they do that, they appeal to the base of the DA. Then you have a strand who says they don’t like apartheid but don’t like this BEE nonsense and they deny anything to do with white privilege…” said Mgitywa.

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The third strand is your Mmusi Maimane and Phumzile van Damme who say there has to be some form of transformation. If you have a party that has a voter base that can be stolen by the Freedom Front plus and the same party is trying to appeal to black voters, that is a problem. Mmusi was always going to have a difficult job.”

“I hear people saying he may lose his job. If the DA had to do that, it will be a grave mistake because the DA does not have a Mmusi Maimane problem but Mmusi has a DA problem and I don’t know if they can get someone with Maimane’s cross-appeal..” added Mgitywa.


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