WATCH: Demand for a democratic state in Sudan

Sudanese youth are demanding a democratic state. Courtesy #DStv403

N'DJAMENA - The youth has played a key role in the Sudanese revolution. Sudanese youth are refusing to give in and their demand is clear -- they want a democratic state, now.

Everyone's talking about the rapidly increasing youth population in Africa and it's no surprise that in Sudan, young people are instrumental in agitating for change.

They joined scores of nationals who took to the streets over the weekend calling for the military to step aside.

This was the first demonstration after last month's military crackdown, which saw more than 100 activists killed.

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Sudan is in limbo and Khartoum's ambassador at the African Union says he's fully behind the people's aspirations.

"It's a legitimate demand that after 30 years of military rule people want civilian government that is democratic and peaceful and the problem is it has taken long, we have so many negotiations that are going on," said Sudanese Diplomat Dr Salah Hammad.

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"Sudan is very important in Africa, it's a route of migration - if Sudanese is not stable it will have negative effect and Africans must come together and find solutions otherwise it will affect Horn of Africa."

The Sudanese plea remains straightforward - the military must go back to the barracks and civilians who are equipped to govern, must take over.