WATCH: The differing fortunes of matriculants

The stress of waiting for their matric results is over for the Class of 2020. But what’s next? For some it begins their journey into tertiary education, for others, it’s a different reality. eNCA’s Lethiwe Mdluli spoke to two matriculants about their plans for life after high school. Courtesy #DStv403

DURBAN - The stress of waiting for their matric results is over for the Class of 2020. But what’s next? 

For some, it begins their journey into tertiary education. But for others, it’s a different reality. 

Gaining entry at an institution of higher learning is a lifelong dream for many.  

Siphindile Bhengu is no different. 

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But her dream could be shattered because of a lack of funds to further her studies.  

"I went to school and passed but it's still hard for me to get funding," she said.

"My mother doesn't have a job, she was a domestic worker. We used the money she earned to survive.

"It’s hard for me to continue with my studies because my mother just doesn't have the money. "  

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Bhengu says the next best thing for her is to start looking for a job.  

Meanwhile, Andiswa Dingila is busy planning for her first year in university to study journalism.  

She says her parents made it all possible. 

"I am very grateful, other kids don't have the opportunity that I got, and I know it's hard to get schools," Dingila said.

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Her mother says even though it hasn't been smooth sailing, she’s happy to provide her daughter with this opportunity. 

The different dynamics these two matriculates are faced with are a reality for many.  

* eNCA’s Lethiwe Mdluli reports.


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