WATCH: Doctor of SA's first coronavirus patient speaks

Robyn Reed is currently in self-isolation at her medical practice. Video courtesy of news

DURBAN - South Africa's first patient to test positive for the COVID-19 (coronavirus) virus is doing much better, that's according to the doctor who is treating the 38-year-old-man from Hilton in KwaZulu-Natal.

Dr Robyn Reed says the man's wife and his two children have not shown symptoms of the virus.

The Health Department confirmed that the man from KZN arrived home from Italy on Sunday.

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Reed is currently in self-isolation at her medical practice, where the national institute of communicable diseases will be testing her and her staff for the virus on Friday.

"The patient himself is much better, I phoned his wife this morning and she says that he is doing really well," Reed said.

"The wife and the two children are currently fine, the family is being tested this morning by the NICD (National Institute for Communicable Diseases), who are coming on later to test me and my staff."

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Reed has appealed to the Hilton community and South Africans to stay calm and take basic precautions.

"Calm down, take the basic precautions of hand hygiene, don't put your hand, don't shake hands with too many people, don't kiss and hug people, stay away from people who have got flue and keep a 2-meter distance between you and the next person."

Robyn Reed spoke exclusively to news


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