WATCH | Farm attacks in focus

Farm attacks were down in the past year, but farm murders are increasing. 395 farm attacks were reported countrywide since April 2020, and 59 people were murdered. For more details eNCA speak to AgriSA's Uys van der Westhuizen. #DStv403 #eNCA

JOHANNESBURG - The questions that are inevitably asked when someone's killed on a farm is whether it's criminality or political.

The Association for Rural Advancement believes race relations contribute to tensions on farms.

Land Rights Coordinator for the association, Siyabonga Sithole, says there is a lack of trust between farm owners and workers.

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Agri SA says more proof is needed to link underlying historical and racial tensions to these attacks.

It also says crime and unbalanced social economic standings are the main contributors to farm attacks.

Watch the discussion in the video above for more on this story.


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