WATCH: Hundreds of thousands of workers may not receive UIF payments

The UIF says thousands of workers may not get their money in time because of non-compliance from some companies. UIF Commissioner Teboho Maruping explains. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Unemployment Insurance Fund says it’s swamped with claims from people not registered on the system.

It warns that it won’t be able to make payments to workers whose employers failed to comply with UIF regulations.

It’s calling on employers to make arrangements with the fund.

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UIF commissioner Teboho Maruping says 289 000 employees are waiting to receive their payouts.

“Some of these companies are not compliant, we're not able to pay R1.1-billion that is due to these employees. What has happened - when the company applies for the COVID-19 tax benefit, we pick up most of these employees are not registered with UIF and they have not been declared for a number of months or number of years,” said Maruping.

“All we asking these companies is, if you have applied for your employees and you know you haven't declared, write to UIF and tell us which employees you have not applied for and also how you going to make up the payment that you haven't made to UIF,” he added.

Employees on the UIF system can expect to get between 38 and 60 percent of their salary.

“They will get no less than R3,500. So if our calculation gives you R2,000, we will raise up to R3,500. But they will not get more than R6,700...there's different tiers for each employee,” said Maruping.

Meanwhile, Maruping says the UIF's turnaround time is within 24-hours and at worst within 48-hours.

Did you know:

The UIF has processed 59,000 employer applications so far

To date, the UIF has paid approximately 862,000 employees to the tune of R3.2-billion