WATCH: IEC opens results centre

With just 7 days to the much anticipated elections, the IEC is officially opening its results operation centre on Tuesday. 

PRETORIA - With just 7 days to the much-anticipated elections, the IEC opened its Results Operation Centre (ROC) on Tuesday. 

This will be the nerve centre for next week's activities.

Chairperson of the IEC, Glen Mashinini said the ROC was an embodiment of the electoral architecture to ensure inclusivity, transparency, and credibility.

“This is the place where once every few years our electoral democracy comes to life before our eyes,” he said.

Mashini has called voters to come out in their number to cast their ballots.

The IEC’s campaign for the 2019 National and Provincial Elections was an innovative response to the perceived feeling of exclusion by the youth in the country.

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The campaign featured young South Africans from all walks of life expressing their reasons for the importance of voting in the upcoming elections under a newly-created word: Xsê.

The electoral commission also launched an online platform to help curb misleading information on social media.

The platform which was created in partnership with Media Monitoring Africa aims to combat the information that unfairly influences the elections.

Did you know:

Commonly known as the “ROC”, the centre brings together all key stakeholders in the elections under one roof to oversee the collation and finalization of the election results and has been a feature of South Africa’s elections for the past 20 years. This is the 9th activation of the ROC.


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