WATCH: Joburg battles electricity outages

At the start of July, this Alexandra substation, was engulfed in flames after a suspected copper thief tried his luck. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Johannesburg’s had a lousy winter when it comes to power outages.

When it’s not Eskom implementing load-shedding, the metro has been troubled by constant substation problems, the latest of which is affecting large parts of Alexandra, and the city bowl.

At the start of July, an Alexandra substation was engulfed in flames, after a suspected copper thief tried his luck.

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Repairs cost the city of Joburg some R4-million.

A similar incident, caused an explosion on Sunday night.

Those living in close proximity to the substation are at their wit's end.

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Meanwhile, several parts of the inner city have been without power after a transformer at this substation exploded.

The City blames load-shedding, illegal connections and rapid population growth for many of the recent outages.

Plans are to upgrade this antique as part of City Power’s new three-year R2.6-billion budget and it’s promised to restore power to Alexandra and the inner city by Thursday latest.