WATCH: Mboro takes on Lukau

Pastor Paseka "Mboro" Motsoeneng and other church leaders have opened a fraud charge against Alleluia Ministries International church leaders. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Controversial Prophet Paseka Mboro has laid fraud charges against Alleluia Ministries' pastor, Alph Lukau.

Mboro, accompanied by other religious leaders on Thursday stood outside Alleluia Ministries gates earlier demanding to see Pastor Alph Lukau,

The preacher appeared in a viral video, supposedly resurrecting a man from the dead.

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Mboro once reportedly claimed to have gone to heaven and taken photographs of himself there. 

For more, watch eNCA's Malungelo Booi's interview above

Incredible Happenings Ministries' Pastor Mboro Motsoeneng says he'll be laying a criminal complaint against the so-called resurrection pastor, Alph Lukau.