Meet South Africa's new surgeon-general

The South African Military Health Service (SAMHS) has got a new chief. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The South African Military Health Service has got a new chief.

Lieutenant-General Zola Dabula has been appointed as the new surgeon-general.

Dabula has three decades of experience in military health and served as a physician to former president Nelson Mandela.

Mental health issues, Aids and a minuscule budget are just some of the issues the new surgeon-general will inherit.

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Dabula says the Military Health Service endorses the National Health Insurance.

"The NHI will address the problems that exist in terms of health delivery and the inequity of thereof," Dabula said.

"We have had a kind of moratorium on the inclusion of the military health service in the NHI and the reason for that is because of the type of clientele we have.

"The clientele that we have is the soldiers that are in uniform, those that are in the reserve force, the high ranking members that we are looking after including the Presidency," said Dabula.

"Which then makes it a different category of fish in the health sector. We have very close interaction with national health [department] together with the health ministry. We are regarded there as the 10th province in their structure," he added.