WATCH: Mixed reaction to online coffin shopping

The coronavirus pandemic has seen some surprising things happen, especially online. You can now buy a coffin for under R5,000 on Takealot. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A decision by online retailer Takealot to sell coffins has sparked a flurry of jokes and raised some eyebrows.

But not everyone thinks it's funny.

Funeral parlours question the sense of this because funeral policies cover the price of a coffin.

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“We are not happy as undertakers to see and find that Takealot is selling coffins. Takealot is not a coffin manufacturer," said Luthando Gqamane from Nothemba Funerals.

"So where are they getting the coffins and what are the standards for those coffins. The whole funeral is not about the coffins, it’s about the whole service.”

At least one customer is convinced.

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"With the service and the convenience, I would think it’s actually worth it," said Diaoho Lepheana.

"It delivers straight to your door. With funeral parlours you have to go there and physically pick and pay." 

Buying a coffin online may seem bizarre but then again, we live in strange times.