WATCH: Motorists feel the pinch as fuel price rises

From midnight tonight, you'll pay well over R26 for a litre of petrol. 93 octane petrol is going to cost you R2.37 more, while 95 octane increases by R2.57 a litre. Now, the ripple effect will not only impact motorists, but the cost of goods will also rise across the board. eNCA reporter Nqobile Madlala is in Johannesburg speaking to those affected. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - From thinking about selling the car to parking it and choosing to walk.

These are some of the opt-out methods motorists say they are looking at as they brace themselves for another increase at the pumps.

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The South African National Taxi Alliance Council says profits are shrinking in the taxi business.

Meanwhile, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse says the government must introspect.

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Economists however say the country must brace itself for more inflation.

For now, though, filling up your tank before midnight might be the best target.

* eNCA's Nqobile Madlala reports.


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