WATCH: Motorists taking chances with the law during lockdown

JOHANNESBURG - A week has passed since the lockdown was implemented in the country.

Many people are feeling a bit more confident and are starting to take chances.

If you're on the road, you better have a good reason and the proper documentation.

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South Africans are being warned to stop abusing work permits during the lockdown. 

Many motorists who were pulled over at a JMPD roadblock in Johannesburg on Friday had flimsy excuses as to why they were on the road.

Joburg mayoral spokesperson Mlimandlela Ndamase said it is important to control the traffic as much as they can.

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"We are able to control the traffic as much as we can. We are able to enforce the lockdown to the best of our abilities," said Ndamase.

"But most importantly, we are able to educate South Africans on why it is important to state at home."

Ndamase said people are moving around without the necessary permits, and that 21 people were arrested during the operation.

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"COVID-19 is serious, and we as a city is taking it serious."

And a final warning from the JMPD: Stay at home.