WATCH: No kissing in Mzansi, says Cele

JOHANNESBURG - It's day 12 of the lockdown and South Africans are becoming accustomed to living without a number of luxuries.

No socialising, no takeouts, no alcohol and no cigarettes.

But Police Minister Bheki Cele is challenging everyone to go a step further.

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"When you get time to stay in, stay in. Maintain social distancing, even at night," the minister said.

He said social distancing is one way of dealing [with] and preventing this disease.

"Don't come close more than a metre. No kissing, no nothing," he told police officers in Mpumalanga.

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He said perpetrators must be treated harshly.

"This thing of thinking only forces must behave must end," he said.

"When they're gallivanting, tell them to go back to their houses.

"If they don't listen, push them back to their houses."


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