WATCH: Row breaks out between DA, EFF and Agang MPs 

PARLIAMENT - Tensions quickly escalated in the National Assembly during President Cyril Ramaphosa's question-and-answer session.

Two tussles broke out on Thursday between EFF MPs and other opposition political parties in Parliament.

DA and EFF members initially clashed when DA MPs referred to the EFF as "VBS looters".

The EFF responded with jibes, calling the DA "racists".

WATCH: Ramaphosa answers questions in Parliament

A second dust-up happened when Agang's Andries Tlouama stood up and said white people should be allowed to speak.

Tlouama and EFF's Nazier Paulsen threw punches at each other before being held back by fellow MP's.

The House is suspended for five minutes after the physical fight broke out.

There were some reports of a bottle being thrown.

Tlouama and Paulsen were forced to leave the National assembly.

The EFF was involved in an altercation in Parliament with DA members that saw name-calling and insults being thrown.

An altercation between Agang and EFF MP's escalated to an exchange of blows in Parliament on Tuesday.