WATCH: Shivambu denies any involvement in VBS scandal

Floyd Shivambu has finally broken his silence on the VBS scandal. The EFF Deputy President labelled reports implicating him as 'fake news'. Courtesy #dstv403

JOHANNESBURG – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Deputy President Floyd Shivambu has broken his silence regarding the VBS Mutual Bank scandal.

He's alleged to have received R10-million from VBS via his brother, Brian. 

The EFF is also alleged to have received money from the bank.

Shivambu labelled reports implicating him as 'fake news'.

In a statement released on Saturday on his social media, he said he’s seen weapons of mass deception and propaganda machines hard at work to mislead people.

“For the record, I have never received R10-million from VBS or anyone in my personal account,” Shivambu said in a statement.

“Faceless sources reportedly to be from South African Reserve Bank, who have ulterior motives, have been misleading journalists and radio presenters with their malicious narrative.”

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He said these sources have ulterior motives, and they have been misleading the media with their malicious narrative.

“I have no dealings with VBS and any attempt to link the EFF to the bank for cheap political points is a clear sign of desperation and soon enough, people will see through it,” he said.