Underdog FF+ grows stronger, polls show

The FF+ shows signs that they have increased their support base. Courtesy of #DSTV403

JOHANNESBURG - The Freedom Front Plus (FF+) has caused the biggest shock this election.

Rising from being the seventh largest party, they are set to grab the number four spot from the IFP.

Analysts predict that the party could end up with 12 or even 13 seats in Parliament, leaving room for a coalition with other parties.


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The party's Wouter Wessels says it's pleased with the preliminary election results so far.

"Throughout the party's campaigning, many people said they would be switching their vote from the DA to their party," he said.

"It is very early to make predictions and it is too early to get too excited, but we can see that we are showing growth."

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Formed in 1994 by Constand Viljoen, the party is currently being lead by Pieter Groenewald.

The party launched their manifesto in March which centered around a smaller government, the abolishment of transformation targets, job creation, education and the promotion of language rights.

The party has firmly opposed the expropriation of land without compensation and believes land reform projects are a "breeding ground for corruption".


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