WATCH: Zuma court case postponed to 2019

Former President Jacob Zuma is expected to return to the High Court in Pietermaritzburg today. He's facing charges of racketeering, corruption, money laundering and fraud relating to the 1999 arms deal. Courtesy DStv403

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JOHANNESBURG - Former president Jacob Zuma's court case has been postponed to May 2019, the Pietermaritzburg High Court said on Friday.

Zuma is facing one count of racketeering, two counts of corruption, one count of money-laundering and 12 counts of fraud relating to the 1999 arms deal.

He has accused the NPA of teaming up with the public and media to make his name synonymous with corruption.

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On 16 November, Zuma applied for a permanent stay of prosecution on the corruption charges.

His co-accused, French arms firm Thales, filed a similar application.

Thales said criminal charges were withdrawn in 2009 and this was not challenged or set aside by a court so there's no basis to now reinstate charges.

The company said it knows of no transgressions committed by its employees in the 1999 arms deal.

The NPA, however, still feels it has a strong case.

The state and Zuma's advocates wanted the postponement to go through documents regarding the permanent stay application. 

Zuma cites continuous delays for him wanting the charges dropped.

Zuma and his co-accused Thales will appear in court on 20 May. 

Former President Jacob Zuma will appear in the Pietermaritzburg High Court tomorrow. Courtesy #DStv403


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