WATCH: Watson nephew claims uncle was 'set up'

The auction of Bosasa’s assets wraps up in Krugersdorp today – and auctioneers have already surpassed their targeted income. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Gavin Watson's nephew and executor of his estate, Jared is denying anything sinister with Bosasa handling large cash amounts.

State capture evidence shows the late Bosasa CEO counting large cash amounts in the company's vault but his nephew says Watson was simply set up by people he trusted.

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Assets from the company's liquidation have been sold at auction.

eNCA's Shahan Ramkissoon asked Watson what legitimate business person would keep those amounts of cash in a vault instead of a bank.

Watson responded, "the question you ask is which business of this size has that amount of cash, I believe many do."

Watson claims his uncle was set up.


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